Luna Media Corporation

A cutting-edge media company at the forefront of web3. We believe in the power of communication and strive to inform, educate, and empower people around the world. With our commitment to quality and integrity, Luna Media Corp is dedicated to helping people understand this new frontier and shaping its future.

About Us

Luna Media Corporation is a media holding group that invests, owns and operates companies within the media and web3 industries.

Founded in 2017, Luna Media Corporation aims to bring mass adoption of web3 through the media. The company is headquartered in Dubai with offices in Miami and Singapore. Luna Media Corporation houses a variety of investments that are completely independent from one another. Our mission is to promote the widespread use of blockchain technology through informative and engaging content across all mediums. We believe that by educating people on the benefits of this new technology, we can help to usher in a new era of innovation and progress.

Our Portfolio


Luna PR

A multi-award winning public relations and communications agency headquartered in Dubai with offices globally. Since 2017, the agency has proudly served over 500 web3, fintech, and emerging tech clients - from startups to established multinational corporations and government bodies. The agency operates in tandem with clients as strategic partners, ensuring a forward-thinking approach to communication.

Cointelegraph AR

Luna Media Corporation franchises Cointelegraph Middle East and North Africa, one of the fastest growing crypto markets in the world. Cointelegraph was founded in 2013 and, since then, has been the leading independent publication focusing on crypto, blockchain and Web3 news, garnering millions of view worldwide.
Finance and Investments

Luna Capital

Luna Capital is a venture capital focusing on early-stage projects in the crypto and blockchain industry. The firm strategically positions themselves to assist with expansion and growth of projects through their Marketing, PR, and Advisory expertise. Luna Capital invests in game-changing startups who are contributing to the evolution and mass adoption of blockchain.

Chief Block

Having transformed Luna PR from a team of 5 to a robust 100 in just two years, our expertise in staffing became evident, leading to the birth of Chief Block. We married our understanding of the web3 space with an experienced team from leading traditional staffing agencies to empower web3 enterprises with a workforce that fortifies their foundations. Specializing in upper management staffing, Chief Block selects top-tier talent for the most coveted roles in the dynamic realm of emerging tech.

Crypto Polo Cup

Where legacy and prestige meet Web3 revolution - the Crypto Polo Cup is a Polo event that takes place in Palm Beach, Florida and Dubai, UAE. The highly curated and exclusive experience unites thought leaders and high-profile guests in an enticing social gathering.

Studio Thirty Six

Your Vision, Our Craft: Transforming Ideas into Iconic Brands.
Embark on a journey with Studio Thirty Six where we master the art of shaping business perception. Our mission is not just build strong brands, but to elevate them into unforgettable experiences that captivate your audiences.

Luna Foundation

Luna Foundation is a nonprofit charitable trust stemming out of Luna Media Corp. We believe in the power of education and the right to obtain one, no matter what situation one is in. We support children  in India with education, food, and supplies and are soon expanding to other third world countries.

The Byteline

Coming Soon

In today's fast-paced world, the need for reliable and cutting-edge news is more crucial than ever. The Byteline, attuned to the decentralized world, is a media publication devoted to the intersection of finance and technology.  In an era inundated with information, we understand the value of discernment and aim to providing readers with the most relevant and impactful stories.

Meet Our Team

Nikita Sachdev
Founder & CEO
Phillip Lord
Investment Advisor
Maral Nouri
Chief Operating Officer
Harmesh Johal
Chief Strategy Officer
Nisheta Sachdev
Managing Director